Last weekend saw close to 10 inches of snowfall and during this week, temperatures were hovering around the zero degree mark, windchill not withstanding.  This weekend is supposed to bring even more snow and even colder temps.  Most Wisconsinites use this as an opportunity to sit inside by a roaring fire sipping a nice spiced rum, pining for their next trip to Cancun to get out of the cold.

But TCC paddlers say, “Bring it on, Old Man!”

OK, so we may be sitting by a roaring firepit gulping a little JD, but we’re doing so watching (and heckling) two full courts of great platform tennis play in the midst of the cold around us.  No matches were missed this week, in fact, some of the best paddle play we’ve seen occurred in this cold and snow.

The only thing that can mess up a paddle match is rain… and Bobby Sheehy showing up late… but other than that, during the Winter season, there’s no better place to be that out on our courts!

Check out a sample of the cold-weather action… oh, and that there aren’t any parkas in play.