Lundeen says, “Nyet.”

Perhaps you’ve experienced something similar, “I won both of my matches in the past two weeks and my ranking went DOWN!  What gives?”

Secret Russian hackers manipulating the rankings to depress your scores for someone far inferior to your paddle abilities?

A different kind of hack.
Perhaps… and perhaps not.  It has come to our attention that some Men’s League members have been been recording three set scores when they had lost both sets.

“C’mon fellas,” denounced President Borowiak, “it’s just not that hard.  Your weekly match is first team to two sets.  If it takes three sets to win — fine — but if you lose in two, the score you record on the laptop is just the two sets.”

This is not the first time that the veracity of Mr.Lundeen’s creation has been challenged.  The Lundeen 2000 (an earlier version) was hacked in 2014 by notorious TCC Emeritus Member, Chris Crosse, when he made an all out push to secure substitute matches with lower ranked players, thereby accumulating massive amounts of points.  Crosse moved from the 15 spot all the way to no.7 under much protest.  When his scheme was uncovered, Crosse high-tailed it out of town to Portland, Oregon, instead of facing his shame.

Today’s Lundeen 3000 discourages this approach, since high ranked players who play with low ranking players must win by a dominant score to secure any positive points at all.  A 2-set win by a smaller margin is likelier to lose points for the high ranked paddler.

Bottom line?
Record your scores consistently and accurately.  And, if you’re looking to “game” the system, offer to sub for a member in need and just keep winning your league matches!