In what proved to be another endurance competition, the talented Andrew Bayliss and his awesome first year partner, Jon Feldbruegge (yes, that’s with an “L”), won a three setter in the Championship match over Beany Welch and John Tokarz.  With the largest turnout of teams at any Fall Classic, match play carried well into the dark thanks to interim tournament director Dave Jenkins.

Dan Einhorn and John Florsheim scored a huge quarter final upset win over Duke and Nate Rado-something-or-other, only to fall to the red zone prowess of Beany in the semis.  Andy and Jon took apart Rick Allen and his partner, Chad Bolliger in the other half of the semi finals.

With over 80 guys to choose from, getting a great B-partner seemed to simply be the luck of the draw.  However, Mike Farley, in a pre-tournament comment, was the ONLY TCC member to correctly bet on the winning team — only to learn that Dan Einhorn shut down the betting window.  Mike’s winnings: $0.

On Court 2… some were convinced that the same Mike Farley and rookie Jay Praefke won the Consolation Championship over Tom Lehmann and a combination of Charles Bailey & T.J. Strachota… but no one is quite certain.


Evidence that there was a keen focus on the Consolation Championship match…

A big thank you to Don Welch for setting up this year’s Fall Classic (apparently there is an embroidered sweatshirt on it’s way to all of those who ponied up)… and to all of you who helped organize the refreshments, stocked the bar, got Tripoli, Milwaukee CC and Scott Schroeder’s place in order, as well as all of the great camaraderie throughout the day!  It’s events like this that really showcase how great a club we have!

A Video sample of a good point between Team Andy vs. the Runner-Ups. If you’re on Court 1, expect some heckling. 🙂