New TCC member Dave Lucke announced to the club that Governor Walker was declaring this Saturday (TCC Fall Classic Saturday, mind you) to be Sheepshead Day.  Dave had desired to bring the game to club with high hopes of rivaling the poker play on Wednesday nights.

“…the ONLY thing TCC lacks is Sheepshead. The Board gave the green light to use the clubhouse table Saturday.  It is the ideal card game for The Cedar Club — easy to learn, players can sub in and out between hands, insulting other players’ manhood is expected, and it is appropriately addictive for paddle players.   Let me know if interested, skilled or not.”

Apparently, the Board’s green light turned red this morning, as President Borowiak clamped down hard stating, “I said that during league nights, there’s a second card table available.  During the tournament, not much room to be playing cards unless you want to play when the tourney is over.  Please do not plan on playing during.”

When asked about this turn of events, Lucke had no comment and was last seen wandering into the swampland behind the paddle courts.


If you want to learn more about Sheepshead, contact Dave (if you can find him), or visit this site: