There is a splinter group within the cedar club that chooses not to drink the beer at the club, but provide our own refreshments. The Vodka Alliance is open to all, you just need to tell me you’d like to participate, and your name will be put on a rotating list for your turn to supply, which isn’t more than once or twice a year. Please let me know by Wednesday.

I bring it up in this forum, so that when you see that big bottle sitting around the club you know that it’s there because we have this set up…it’s not just the luckiest day of your life. So, if you think you might like to enjoy a cocktail here and there, you can join us, but please don’t help yourself unless you do.  


The Vodka Alliance Board


  1. Mentzer

    The Alliance Schedule is below…don’t forget a few things:
    1) Tito’s or better. We don’t let Dale in because Smirnoff.
    2) Mixers and ice, your choice of what, but bring them.
    3) Drop it off on Monday or’re not that busy.
    After March 07, those of us who aren’t named Mini will voluntarily sort out who’s feeling generous that week.
    McNally (complete)
    Troy (complete)
    Bobby Sheehy (complete)
    Jenkins (complete)
    Mentzer (complete)
    Mini the Moocher LaLonde 11/15
    Arvy 11/22
    Big Cat 11/29
    Garni 12/06
    Wier 12/13
    White 12/20
    Schmitz 12/27
    Makinster 01/03
    Molepske 01/10
    Einhorn 01/17
    Tokarz 01/24
    Zoromski 01/31
    Showalter 02/07
    JFlounderMart 02/14
    Zavorka 02/21
    Tommy Boy Lehman 02/28
    Nate Rado 03/07

  2. Mentzer

    One final note….the proper size = handle.

    10-4 good buddy, mercy sakes alive we got us an alliance.


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