With so many business owners in our club, it only seems reasonable to give a plug now-and-then to assist our members.  This first week, Mike Farley’s branding and marketing agency JSH&P is our featured business. If you’re interested in getting some free ink for your business, simply send us a note on our contact form and basically, follow this format for your content.

JSH&P (formerly JacksonSpencer)
Address: W64 N631 Hanover Ave., Suite N101, Cedarburg, WI 53012
Website: jshandp.com
Owner: Mike Farley
Club Ranking: 21 

Business Description:
Mike’s firm just completed the work to build this great TCC responsive site.  Building websites is just one part of what his firm does so well. World-class branding and marketing creative are at the heart of what JSH&P does. Helping launch new companies and products, or moving plateaued companies to market leaders make up the stable of Mike’s clients.  From Fortune 500 giants to Inc.500 wanna-bees, JSH&P provides the creative and production services (logos, collateral, websites, ads, catalogs, trade show & more) to take your ideas and turn them into profitable and memorable marketing campaigns.

Interested to learn more?  CLICK THIS LINK