OK boys…. We are ready to go.

Attached is the draw and your court assignment.  It would be nice if you show up to your match 15 minutes prior… just in case we run early.

There is a main draw and a consolation draw.

All matches are 2 out of 3 sets.

All Consolation matches are 2 out of 3 sets

We will play FBI

Obviously, not every match will be an hour, so we will be semi-flexible on timing.  That does not mean you can just take an open court and play your match.

Cedar Club will be the home base

There are some matches at Milwaukee Country Club, Scott Schroeder’s house, and Town Club.

Milwaukee Country Club 8000 N Range Line Rd, River Hills, WI 53217

Town Club 7950 N Santa Monica Blvd, Milwaukee, WI 53217

Scott Schroeder’s – it is between Mequon Road and Friedstadt on Granville Road.  It is on the East side of the street.  Drive down to the last house on the right.

Lunch will be served

There is coffee, but if you want something better than Maxwell House, you are on your own

All the contact information is on the attached spreadsheet as well.  My cellphone is 414-303-4897.

Questions?  Comments?   

In the bonds


So that you don’t have to bug Dan at the Club, here’s the whole tournament draw at your fingertips…

Championship Bracket

And here’s the back draw…

Consolation Bracket