The Super Bowl of Paddle


The email you have all been waiting for is finally in your inbox!  SMACK! 2024 is upon us.  We have a number of teams already signed up for the event and I would like to round out the field over the next week or so.  Please select your partner and zip me an email or text with your team.  This is an A/B player tournament.  Plenty of A players remain available or you can sign up as a B/B team if you wish.

Details below:

Date               February 10th (Superbowl Saturday)

Time               Matches will begin at 8:30am…finals to be played around 5pm. (you are guaranteed 3 matches minimum)

Location        SMACK! is headquartered at The Cedar Club and played at other participating venues (The Town Club, MCC and University Club)

Cost                $120/player

Meals             2 meals will be provided and served at The Cedar Club (lunch and dinner)

Payment       Apple Cash/Check/PayPal/Cash (no Venmo or Zelle…sorry)  You can pay the day of the event when you check in at The Cedar Club.

More to follow as the event approaches.

Contact Nick Curran for more (see the email)