OK… 2 straight days of 10 hours of sleep and a Sunday afternoon nap, and I am fully recovered from the festivities on Saturday

Congrats to Caddy and Tommy for taking home the title.  Tom was able to hit enough shots left handed to bring home the title.  Well done and congrats.

Just a quick shout out to everyone that made the day possible.  I appreciate all of you willing to stay until the wee-hours of 7 PM to watch the finals.   Enough of you have  complimented me, so let me reciprocate and thank Bear for being a fantasic partner…..Drew for taking care of the gift order…. Bradley for breakfast…..and Mr. Talb for cups and ice.

Couple other items, I will talk to some of you individually about, but all in all a highly successful day

Proud to be a member at a club that is clearly best in state.

In the bonds


Of course, there isn’t a photo of the champs together… but there is this quote from the B-side of the championship team, Tom Lehmann…

“I would at this time like to commend the tournament committee for perhaps running the greatest tournament in club history.It goes without saying, how mortifying it would have been to lose to a Philly team in a championship match. Between the Phillies, Eagles, 76ers, Union, and now Mamalat all having had opportunities within the past five years to bring glory to the homeland only to end in shame was sports karma at the highest level.Danny Noonan you deserve a fresca!I will begin accepting smack invites from all A players at this time.”