If you’ve been out the last few Thursday’s you’ve seen a full parking lot and a solid social scene. Vibes are approaching an all-time high at the club, and this Thursday will be no exception with a few important matches and it is DRAFT NIGHT for the Fall Classic. Scroll all the way down to see tournament info from Einhorn, attached are the teams for those curious.

But before we get into that, let’s celebrate some great accomplishments to this point in the year

  1. Tom Gelin is gellin’. He has improved to 8-0 and climbed 11 rankings spots from the start of the year, from 36 to 25!  Are you gellin’??? ” (somehow this was 15 years ago)
    2. Ted Stuckslager is also undefeated at 6-0, and has moved from 12 into the 4th spot, passing great players  like Arvold, Zipp, Mamalat, Aiken Cooley and many more. Teddy is the only undefeated player in the top 15…that’s some good paddle.3. Other undefeated players include Robert Heinrich, Chris Nolte, and Ryan Oaks. Their rankings have improved from 65-58, 79-74, and from 25 to 16 respectively. Congrats boys.

Now let’s look ahead to Thursday and review what’s on the line in 3 Court 1 matches.

    1. The first court 1 Showcase match at 6 involves our esteemed tournament team – Einhorn and Finke…err, Feldbrugge.  Carlos and Felb vs. Wier Einhorn.
                a. Starting the season at 31,16 spots below Einhorn’s 15 rank, Felbs is trying to chase down Einhorn on the ladder. Felbs has gone 4-1 and now sits just 4 rankings and 527 points behind Dan who has fallen to 22 on the ladder. Laces out Johnny.
      b.Can Einhorn man up and stop his ranking slide?? Will he ever hear the words: “Oh my God! Einhorn is a man!”

      I know I’m not funny, but I wanted to cram this in here.

      2. The second showcase match at 720 has major stakes as well.  Cooley and Sugar Tits vs Laughlin and Hitler. Who ya got… Tits or Hitler…???
      Pat Laughlin has climbed the ladder, from 16-11, and now has his eyes and heart set on the top ten.  Just 330 points behind cools. If Laughlin can win by just 151 points, which requires a convincing win but it’s certainly doable, he moves into the top 10!!!

      3. The final highlight match includes the top 3 players, and Mamalat.  Brock and Lied vs. MJ and Mamalat.  Marquette Pride on the line!
                a. Me and Mamal are competing for Marquette Pride. Can one of the best MU tennis players of all time, paired with a guy once ranked above Djokovic in juniors, beat one of the most mediocre MUHS tennis players of all time paired with ‘Realtor Drew’???
                b. I’ll be joining Vuk in putting a mark on Mamal tomorrow – the ‘Tag’ line is 2.5. We got Dan 3 times last match. Einhorn calling the match a pick ‘em.

      See ya at the club… It’s goin dahn.

— Dave Brock