If you played on Thursday night (October 12th) someone from your match will need to re-enter the scores into the scoring system.  Unfortunately, we needed to use an old Excel file to enter scores in week 1 due to some network connectivity issues.  As luck has it, somehow the laptop was unplugged and it appears no one had saved the document… meaning Thursday scores were lost when the laptop ran out of battery over the weekend.

That said, I do have good news.  Things are back up and operational and we are no longer relying on an old Excel file.  The full program we used last year is back up and running which means the document automatically saves upon each entry.  It also means even if the laptop quits on us all scores are saved in the cloud and can be retrieved.

The program works the same as it always has, just be patient upon opening the file (can take 15 seconds or so to initially load) or when entering scores (can take 5 seconds or so for points to appear).  I made a small enhancement this year where when typing in subs, instead of needing to memorize how to spell everyone’s last name there is some data validation which will offer you the list of possible names to click on once you type in a couple letters.


— Brad