…or so it may seem.

You may not have seen this in one table, but here’s the good, bad and ugly on where the paddle gods have you ranked at the start of this year.

If you’re wondering why, it’s because that’s EXACTLY where you are supposed to be ranked (except for the new guys who might have been lumped into a better group because the guy that brought them in to the club said so). You know, very “official-like”… some say, very “NFL official-like”.

No matter. You are where you are, “suck it up buttercup”, stop whining and prove everyone wrong.

The way to move up the charts is to play well enough to win your match. Period.  You win, you gain points, you lose and you lose points.  Most of you are separated from the guy above you by 50 points or less. A single winning match and their loss moves you up.

Brad Schmieding, the mad scientist who took hold of the Lundeen 3000 System had this to say, “Let me be very clear, the S.H.I.T. System has no flaws… all abnormalities have been purged from the system — so it’s up to you!”

If you are as good as you think you are, you’ll most likely move up a few spaces by the end of the season. The biggest jump last year was 9 spots by 2023 Most Improved Players, Travis Murphy and Brad Seefled.

The only way to “game the system” is to pick up a whole bunch of matches and trust that you won’t lose as many as you win. Oh, and if you think being the best ranked guy on the court will win the day…perhaps, but if gain very little and you risk losing a lot.

So good luck, get out there, have fun and worry about your ranking until three months from now.