Welcome to the 2023-2024 season of Platform Tennis at The Cedar Club.  

I will be scheduling out the month of October (Oct 10th – Oct 26th) so please send me any days you are unable to play during that timeframe by end of day Thursday Sept 28th and I will do my best to accommodate.  For anyone that played last year, this is a new season so any pre-existing ongoing schedule requests have been wiped clean. Please send me any new requests for this year if applicable.  If all goes well, I plan to have the schedule sent out by Wednesday October 4th. 

We have some new guys joining and others may need a reminder… so below are a few things to be aware of when it comes to scheduling:  

  • Matches are scheduled Tues, Wed, or Thurs each week.  Matches are scheduled to start at 6:00, 7:20, or 8:40.    
  • If you are ranked in the top 40-ish players you will tend to be scheduled on Tue or Thur.  If you are in the bottom 40-ish players you will tend to be scheduled Tues or Wed.  If you are in the middle 30-50 range it’s possible you could be scheduled Tues, Wed, or Thur depending on matchups.  Day / time of the specific matches you are assigned are randomized within these guidelines. 
  • When I send out these emails before putting together the schedule please only send me days you absolutely can’t make it and I will do my best to accommodate the request and not schedule you that day.  Please limit “preferences” if at all possible… the more you limit possible matches the more repetitive your matchups will be.  
  • If you are scheduled and it turns out you are unable to make your match for whatever reason, please be proactive and find yourself an appropriately ranked SUB.  I attach the player contact info to each schedule when it comes out for this reason.  There is no reason to contact me about subs. 
  • BYE’s will be evenly and randomly assigned whenever we have more players available to play than our courts allow.  If you are not scheduled for a week, either enjoy the week off, or watch your emails for possible SUB opportunities.

Lastly, I want to do one last confirmation of the list of players that will be scheduled.  See below… anyone receiving this email is on this list and will be scheduled to play. If you intend to play, no need send me a confirmation.  If you are on the list and dont plan to play, please reach out to me, Brad Brogan, and Dale Borowiak and we can get that sorted out.  If any other information below is wrong or missing please let me know what that is as well. 


— Brad