We will have our annual club clean up on Saturday, Sept 23rd.  Please stop by and assist with general clean up and projects.

We will go from 8:30-11:30.  There is always trimming to do for those of you with kick ass trimmers.


— The Board

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Posted 9/20/23:

For those of you that can join us, the following items can be done.
1.  Overall, general cleaning.  Steve Mandella has already cleaned the fridge and cabinet to the left.
Bar area and corner cabinet can be cleared and cleaned.  Tidy up the back of the bar and throw out what should be.
2.  Bring a string trimmer, hand saw, or chain saw, always plenty of trimming to do, I can show you what I need done
3.  We always empty the shed, clean and place items back in and organize and throw out unwanted items
4.  Keg lines have been cleaned to start the season
5.  The parking lot lines need to be painted
6.  Collect clothing on hooks and take to goodwill

Looking forward to seeing everyone!!