Hope all are having a great summer. The Cedar Club board thought it might be helpful to update all on the club summer projects as they stand now.

The court repair project will start in August. This is a complete resurfacing of both courts and replacing the wire sections that have tears and holes. We will also be replacing a number of the snow boards. Our court contractor is in a fluid state, meaning locking them down to an exact start date has not been possible. For those of you that want to play on the courts, please schedule some matches, we will get word to all when they plan to be on site.

We will be shut down for a period of time.

The driveway paving project: this project has been postponed to late spring 2024. Taking on 2 capital projects of this size in the same year doesn’t fit into our plan. Due to the cost of the parking expansion and tree removal the club next spring will be invoicing a $150 one time fee to support this enhancement.

Fall clean-up day will be scheduled for September on a Saturday morning. Look for that email on exact timing and we appreciate the support.

League play is around the corner, enjoy the balance of your summer.

— The Board