Hey boys.

It is time for summer paddle.

First, some of you are new, and thought that paddle ended once the Club Championship concluded…not the case

Second, summer paddle gives you an opportunity to play multiple matches (if you want) on multiple days (if you want) with players you might not typically play with.

Third, if you hit a lob high enough, it might bounce in the court and jump over the fence.  I am told that you lose the point on such occasions, even if it is match point.

Fourth – now a message from the Board:

– we would like the league to run from May to July

– we are trying to get Total Platform on-site for court maintenance in Aug

– we will also be doing driveway expansion this off-season, no schedule there as of yet but that will be a full shutdown of the club estimated 1 week.

– standard $150 per member for summer league.  Mgmt will invoice all in August.

Finally, we will start setting up matches next week.  This week is OPEN paddle.

If you want in, let me know, and I will get you more details.  This is the only bulk email, so you will have to contact me to “opt-in” to the Summer Paddle list server

In the bonds