Thursday night, April 13

We have 44 confirmed for Saturday.
Draft will be Thursday night at 8 PM.
Welcome to play paddle as well before or after.
The B players will draft.
Bear and I are coming up with more details, but the gift is good to go, as is lunch.

 $70 per entry.

_ _ _ __

First, and most importantly, the draft order I sent out is not the official draft order.  I have come up with something that I think will be fun.  If you are a B player and are drafting, I would recommend showing up at 8 PM to participate

Second, all matches in the main draw will be 2 out of 3 sets.  Everyone gets ONE serve.  If you are in the “play in” round, or the round of 16, and your match goes to a third set.   You will start that set at 3-3 and finish out from there.  This is not one of those recommendations where some players can skirt the system and do what they want.  Anyone proposing starting from 0-0 in the third set in either of the first 2 rounds will default the match

Third, I tried to get as many matches at the Cedar Club, but there are several that will be offsite.  You can see from the spreadsheet where all matches are being played.  You will notice that some consolation matches have an L with an * next to it.  That is for those main draw matches where the losing team has already played 2 matches, so they will not qualify for the consolation.  There are 5 potential matches that fit that, and there is an open spot in the draw at *L11.  I reserve the right to move some of those matches around to fit the schedule. While I want everyone at the Club as much as possible, I also would like the finals to start around 5 PM so people can actually watch it.

Fourth, once your match is completed offsite, please text me the result, so we can stay on schedule and I can direct traffic.  My cellphone is (414) 303-4897

Finally, if you don’t like your partner, please take that up with him and insult him throughout the day.  I am sure that will go over well and improve your chances

Questions, comments, gripes, concerns???



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