I want to first thank the board for giving the green light on Summer Paddle during this extraordinary time.  We had an eventful 14 week season culminating in the club championship on Saturday.  On a personal note, it was very encouraging to see the improvement in play from many of those that participated.  The matches were competitive and I believe everyone had fun.  I also want to acknowledge and thank those members who limited some of my crazy thoughts to trick things up, and we basically played regular matches throughout the league.  There were many matches with large discrepancy in rankings, and even those were competitive, enjoyable matches

We had 12 brave souls who entered the club championship this past Saturday.  Each player earned individual points throughout the day with random partner pairings.  I didn’t hear anyone complain about their match or partner, even when they were paired with me.  Each player participated in 10 game pro-sets and could earn up to 10 points per match.  At the end of the day, the finals were the top four point-getters.  Bob Larsen and Pat Laughlin took down Tommy Lehmann and Ben Haddorff in the finals.

In the bonds,


Bob and Pat will look smashing in their summer green blazers!

P.S. > The Mystery of the Molepske Serve Defined

It has long been surmised that every single men’s platform tennis player foot faults (some, more than others).  Recently, our very own Scott Molepske has taken to a method of serving unseen across the entirety of North America — but he claimed that there was no foot fault occurring.

What you are about to see is slow motion footage that showcases a provable and consistent fault — but to everyone’s surprise, his right foot never touches the court before the ball’s contact with his paddle.

So not as egregious as it seemed — grunting, of course, is extra.