Thanks for signing up for Summer Paddle.  

We are going to begin matches this week on Tuesday and Thursday.

Let me start by saying that while the paddle club is open for play and the board has approved play beginning this week, we are still under all existing COVID related restrictions.   We CANNOT have more than 10 people at the club at any one time.  This will be strictly enforced, and I will SHUT down summer paddle in full if this is violated.  The Cedar Club is a very important part of my life, and yours as well, so let’s be safe and prudent to ensure it doesn’t draw any unnecessary scrutiny from outside. 

I have set up the matches for Tuesday and Thursday this week.   There are 2 blocks of matches, one at 6:00 and another at 8:30.  When you are done with your 6 PM match, please exit the premises.  If you have an 8:30 match, please do not come too early.  As you will see, we have 30 players, so 2 of you are playing twice.  You can stay at the club in between the matches.

Attached is the schedule.  I have put in new rankings, so play the high and low player in your match according to the ranking in column A.  If you don’t like your ranking, then, I don’t know, WIN and change it organically.

I am working with the powers that be, to make sure you can record your scores on the computer at the club.  Week 1 is regular rules with one caveat.  I will be bringing in other formats as the season progresses, working towards an end of the Summer tournament, COVID-permitting, so please record your score, because that will come into play for the Tournament in a meaningful way.

For this week, your match is 2 out of 3 sets, regular rules, except it will be FMI instead of FBI.   That means: if your serve goes in on the first point, you carry over to the next point.  If you make that one, then again FBI is maintained.  You continue to have FBI until you miss a serve.   That can be anytime in the match.

I will have access to new balls, but as always, please only use one for your match

Questions, comments, gripes, concerns??



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