Careful out there…

With frigid temperatures freezing the courts, cries for help from a few members pushed President Borowiak to take action to remedy a dangerous situation.

Said Eric Zoromski, “There’s significant ice on the clubhouse side of Court One near the screens. I would highly suggest if you are playing tonight or are an expert in ice removal that we figure out how to make it go away. It is not a safe situation.

The court heaters have been challenged for some time now, to get the full court melted and dry.  There were a number of falls in men’s play this past week, but fortunately, no one was injured, other than pride — and luckily, none were attorneys.

Dan Einhorn’s foresome, in true TCC “can-do spirit”, used an unconventional technique to continue their matches, “We decided to switch games after every service game, so the team that is serving is on the east side of the court.”

Borowiak took action by salting and clearing the corner on court one.  “Wow, that was really hard. Wonder why they didn’t think of that?”

All courts should be good to go for tonight’s completely forgettable match-ups, the best of which is Arvold/Dr.Love vs. Carlos/Lehmann.  

The President also placed a service call for the heater in SE corner of court one to court sponsor Albiero Plumbing & HVAC to save the day… and perhaps, the season.