While attending last Monday’s Bucks game, we witnessed a great tribute displayed by the Bucks and the Fiserv Salutes Program for one of our members… Bill Berrien.

Bill was honored for his service to our country as a Seal Team leader and given a standing ovation.

Said Brett Smith, who was at the game, “It was an honor to watch you be honored and tell my son sitting next to me that you are my friend. As a fellow citizen and public servant, he was impressed. Bill, congrats on the great Tribute.!”

Also impressed was Mark Mentzer, who added, “Bill generally kicked a lot of ass. Next time you see him, buy him a vodka!”

Frankly Bill, you can include all of us at The Cedar Club in the standing ovation you received — well deserved. 

In true honored veteran fashion, Bill was quick to honor others, “It’s been 20 years since my last meaningful contribution, but my perspective is that the audience was actually cheering our amazing country and military and ALL its veterans.  In its first year, Fiserv’s initiative in saluting veterans is greatly appreciated.”