Just a quick reminder.  Do to the holiday this is always an open paddle week for the Men’s League. However, please see if you can also take part in one of our best traditions. Wednesday Night Thanksgiving Eve Party. 
Since the inception of the club, the night before Thanksgiving has always been one our best nights of the year. All members try to show up for food, drinks, fun, drinks, and maybe even some paddle and some drinks. 
At open paddle last Saturday I received a couple of requests to offer Tom & Jerry’s again like I did at an open paddle last holiday season. I have decided to pour them tomorrow night. If you don’t know what a Tom and Jerry is  (see below), you were deprived growing up since your family didn’t do Christmas right, think of it as Christmas in a cup, along with some great adult beverages. 
We have some great traditions. The courts tend to stay lit until midnight or later.  Dan Einhorn’s brother (world famous investor and poker player) will be in attendance with his son for the 8th straight year. We will have the Bucks and MU games on the TV’s. Pizza’s will flying out of the pizza oven.  (feel free to bring some and other munchies with you). Squirrel will tell stories about something. Your not obliged to listen to them, just nod in his direction from time to time.  
If you haven’t told your wife yet that you’re not scheduled this week, just let her know that you have the late match Wednesday and she will be seeing you again in the morning. Some years, guys have been known to sleep on the clubhouse couch or a nearby friends house. It is kind of like a tournament day all rolled into one night. 
So stop by and share some holiday cheer with your new and/or old buddies. Make me have to make an Otto’s run to refresh my Tom and Jerry fixings before  9:00.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_and_Jerry_(drink)  yes, it even has its own Wiki post. 
If you have a favorite drink that you would like to share, please bring is along. If not, your welcome to share in the club beer all night. Mentzer, I hope the Vodka Alliance was scheduled for this week. 
Hope to see you all there tomorrow night. 
— Duke